Arrow - Singlish with Uncle Gwee

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7 months ago
Singlish with Uncle Gwee is back for Season 2! This time, we look at some commonly-used Singlish terms around the office, starting with the very basic "arrow". Supported by "kena" and "siam" and "volunteer". Uncle Correction ------ Paiseh, at 1:00, "object" and "subject" are wrongly flipped. It should be "subject arrows object". Also, at 2:05, the screen cuts off the 2nd verb use for "volunteer" in Singlish. There should also be: [with object] offer someone to do something: Gwee volunteers me for sai kang. We apologise for these errors. The technical guy kena whacked jialat-jialat liao.
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Frank6 months ago
Please stop this degradation of English. English language de...more
Robert6 months ago
rather yahoo spends time on improving English than promoting...more
kwonga year ago
Thank you for sharing :>
LiverPoo Scouser 🐀a year ago
Ah Gwee, you are “Then” good!
kalooa year ago
I like this episode Whaaat.
PapSmeartopreventcancera year ago
Can meh ? Can lah. Can hah ? Can leh. Can hor ? Can what. Ca...more
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