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2 months ago
A champion of traditional Malay cooking, Chef Bob shares about his culinary journey with us.
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    While spices and spicing are very important, flavour highly depends on the integrity of the raw materials or main ingredient. Often, in spicy cuisine, the main ingredient is overwhelmed or masked by the abuse of spices. This is especially true when the spices are not freshly ground and more have to be used to get the required effect/results. This then produces a dish full of debris. What cooks and chefs doing spicy cuisine tend to forget is that the spicy dishes they cook were originally not smothered in so much spicing because in the olden times, spices were not as plentiful as now and their processing was manual and tedious - hand ground...etc. And since the blends were also usually freshly prepared, less was needed to get the same 'kick'.
    What so called "Asian chefs" need to learn is to go back to the roots of the cuisine as well as understand how spices work so that they can let go of the fallacious thinking that more is more.
Errola day ago
How do you store can of beans?
rn2na7 days ago
hot water in my washer, and a hot dryer sterilizes EVERYTHIN...more
Atibolzky9 days ago
kills all those envolved too