We Chat With: Ronny Chieng

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2 months ago
Yahoo TV sat down with Malaysian comedian Ronny Chieng to ask about his heritage, his Daily Show experience, as well as whether he would have done comedy if he had stayed in Singapore.
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    Sg likes to embrace those who never truly were their own
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    Your "sketches" are sometimes "bird-chilli" in TDS unfortunate you will never be able to do it in sg and my.
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    He's funny.. Unlike some others, lame joke, put up a silly face.. Laugh at their own joke loudly.. Cheap material, more like a clown
Esdee10 days ago
Who is stupid enough to want to see what is in your own ears...more
长恨哥15 days ago
Now you know why everybody hate (Or scare of) Chinese and Tr...more