We Chat With: Young tattoo artists, Noko, 10, and Lilith, 12

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2 months ago
At the recent Culture Cartel exhibition held at F1 Pit Building last weekend (7-8 December), two young and talented artists caught our attention. Noko, 10, who's the daughter of Japanese tattoo artist Gakkin, as well as Lilith, 12, whose father is Joseph Tan of Visual Orgasm Tattoo, Singapore, showed off their artworks and steady hands at the exhibition. Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore speaks to both of the young tattoo artists to find out their favourite category to draw and what their friends think of their talent.
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    Is one thing to be a tattoo artist at 10/12 but why does Yoko have a tattoo
  • A
    Only low life idiots spot tattoos
  • K
    Tattoo is always a REAL art while I don't understand why a banana pasted on a whiteboard is also call art?
Esdee10 days ago
Who is stupid enough to want to see what is in your own ears...more
长恨哥15 days ago
Now you know why everybody hate (Or scare of) Chinese and Tr...more