Condo rules that upset residents

Yahoo TV SEA
a month ago
Inspired by recent events, The Smiling Afro looks at some condo rules that can confuse and frustrate residents and imagines some scenarios that might take place.
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    William Ng
    Where is Ramesh now? Still hiding behind Just Pretend Man 😂?
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    Ai yah! It's just a mock-up video to poke fun at what is happening. Don't get worked up. It's bad for health.
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    Aiyo Singaporean,

    After all that happening in Condo and this mock up video I hope for all HDB upgrader
    to Condo think ? twice , twice before you buy Condo.

    Condo rule may be more then HDB estate nothing wrong on that because it is very
    expensive to maintain that plot of area with limited units.

    Therefore the Management or Council who run the estate got the right to set
    rules as they deem fit.
    Bicycles fees not surprised because no Condo create that parking lots space
    for bicycles , either you park inside your house or you dont cycle lo. ha ha.
    If you park outside your units and obstruct the staircase your MCST wil be fine by SCDF ha ha.

    BBQ pit also got to pay fees or function room also,Why ? you may ask.
    or future GYM also or tennis court ? why ? why ?

    Do you know why???

    My dear HDB upgrader , today your Condo it not the high class type or posh grade
    bear in mind, and you only pay a small peanut maintance fees of $300 to 330 on average so you expect the fees collection is enough to maintain all areas??
    ha ha you in dreamland.

    Unless you buy the higher grade of Condo which is in town or Orchard road or Bukit Timah area then I can fully said all what i mentioned is free, why? why ??
    simple they pay their MF fees at $ 800 to $1K a month.

    therefore my fellow HDB upgrader better continue stay in HDB and enjoy all the void deck free parking space for your bicycles, and a small sum pay for BBQ or u go into swimming pools at a dollar + with less restriction lo.

    I hope this message will help those already jump into this Condo living learn to accept it because you did not do your home work before you buy
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    boardshorts can be worn out and gets dirty. you don't want to bring that dirty shorts to a pool where children are. rules are rules, not happy move out.
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    is it just me?? the Yahoo video is like watching slow motion movie !!!
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    The Condo guy wearing slippers!
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    How come cannot wear broadshorts in condo pool? Anyone?
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    The down side of Private vs HDB residence ... that's not to say that HDB too have rules...
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    That is why my condo no BBQ pit.
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    Only idiots buy to stay in condo. These condom ...err condo are brought and rented out to CECAs!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁
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William Nga month ago
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M3 months ago
Council itself is fake
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