Australian Politician Rips Up $30 Million Bill for COVID Hotel Quarantine Program

2 months ago

Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles tore up a $30 million bill issued by the neighboring state of New South Wales for hotel quarantine costs on February 24.

This footage, posted to the politician’s Facebook page, show him tearing the invoice in half.

“[Prime Minister] Scott Morrison has given the go ahead for NSW to send Queensland taxpayers a $30 million bill for their quarantine program, even though it’s 100 percent a federal responsibility,” Miles said.

“He’s like a school bully telling us we have to give our lunch money to New South Wales. We’re not going to pay this bill, not while the Commonwealth refuses to endorse our plan for a national quarantine center.”

The invoice is for hotel quarantine stays in New South Wales between March and September last year for more than 7,000 people who provided a residential address in Queensland. Credit: Steven Miles via Storyful

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