Valora the Dawnbreaker arrives in Dota 2

Yahoo TV SEA
25 days ago
Dota 2 publisher Valve released a new hero, Valora the Dawnbreaker, along with the 7.29 gameplay update last week. Dawnbreaker is a melee strength hero that can deal a lot of burst damage to enemies while healing and reinforcing her allies. In our reviewer's experience, she is best played in a core role, preferably as the safelane carry or the midlaner. Her primary contribution in fights is a ton of burst damage, both physical and magical, to a small area of enemies, though she also provides a considerable amount of healing and some crowd control. To find out what abilities to focus on and what items work well for Valora the Dawnbreaker, read our quick guide to playing the character here: Quick guide to playing Dawnbreaker For more on the 7.29 patch changes, read: Dota 2's 7.29 update adds new hero, reshapes the map, and more For more gaming news updates, visit
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