Biden hails bipartisan infrastructure deal

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2 months ago

BIDEN: "You may have heard that in Washington - I was just on the phone - looks like we reached a bipartisan agreement on infrastructure. A fancy word for bridges, roads..."

From a Mack Truck plant in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, President Joe Biden on Wednesday hailed a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal reached back in Washington, where a group of key Republican senators said they were ready to put partisan politics aside and and move forward on rebuilding the nation's roads and bridges.

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy:

"I am amazed that there's some opposed to this, just because they think that if you ever get anything done, somehow it's a sign of weakness... Speak to that family in which they're commuting back and forth in order to get their children to school or to get to work, and tell them, 'oh, you just wait because we want political circumstances to be different.' No, we're not going to delay relieving their problem."

Republican Senator Mitt Romney:

"We've come together, worked in good faith with our Democrat colleagues, our Republican leaders, ranking members and committee members have worked on the elements of this as have the Democrats on their side, we've done something on a bipartisan basis. It's the way Washington should work. It's the way America expects us to work. And I'm confident that we will be able to get it across the finish line."

The bipartisan bill is a key component of Biden's larger domestic policy agenda.

BIDEN: "Buy American!"

Back in Lehigh Valley, Biden - with his shirtsleeves rolled up - vowed to boost U.S. manufacturing and, in turn, working-class people and unions.

"...they've got a new sheriff in town."

And he subtly criticized the 'buy American' policies pushed by his predecessor, Republican President Donald Trump.

"In recent years, 'buy American' has become a hollow promise. But my administration is going to make Buy American a reality."

Biden also met local members of the United Autoworkers Union on a tour of the Mack Truck plant.

And while his predecessor liked to get behind the wheel of trucks, Biden was denied a similar photo op.

BIDEN: "Can I open the door?"

FACTORY WORKER: "We don't actually have the keys."

BIDEN: "You don't have the keys?"

FACTORY WORKER: "It's locked.

"BIDEN: "Aw man."

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