Watch: Finnish inventor takes to high seas in floating hot tub

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a year ago
Finnish inventor Janne Kapylehto and his friends have embarked on an epic voyage in his homemade hot tub-cum-raft The men spent the journey fishing from the comfort of the 1,200-litre hot tub, although sadly their barbecue went overboard They sailed 90km across the Gulf of Finland on Monday from Helsinki to Tallinn, Estonia, in just over ten hours. This was despite unexpected conditions with the raft facing 1.4 metre-high waves and winds of up to 10-12 metres per second. The floating hot tub is equipped with two engines and solar power panels for running navigation and hand tools. Kapylehto, who did the same journey in 2018 with a sauna on the raft, said: "[The hot tub] wasn't quite [so] full during the crossing because obviously with the waves, the water would just go all over the place but, shhh, don't tell anybody, we filled the hot tub again just before landing so that we would make a stylish arrival with a full, warm hot tub."
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