Filipino esports athletes make history at SEA Games 2019 with gold medal wins

Yahoo TV Singapore
4 months ago
Yahoo TV talks to Dota 2 player Marvin "Boomy" Rushton, Starcraft II player Caviar “Enderr” Acampado and MLBB team manager Jab Escutin on winning gold medals for The Philippines at the SEA Games in front of the home crowd. For more esports news, visit: Yahoo Esports SEA
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    Its not even sports. Phillipines add it in cos its the only thing they are good at. Next time if Spore hosts, include Pokemon Go in Sea Games. Our medal tally will certainly go up
  • M
    just video games normally played by those with low academic background
  • p
    Filipino esports players make history at SEA Tourney 2019 with gold medal wins. Fixed it for you so that you don't have to.
  • J
    Stop calling Gaming Sport. What a Shame!!
    A bunch of kids with headphones gaming facing a PC is definitely NOT a Sport.
    Stop this ridiculous event. Not everything put an alphabet E on it means anything.
    Why dun SEA games have BoardGames competition too? And we could named it Board Sport?
    Best still, we have Electronic Betting on Horse racing, we call it E Horse Sport racing???
  • L
    hello? E-Sports? Don't make us laugh...Gaming isn't a sports. Period.
  • U
    singapore cannot make it because our society too fast paced and stressful, friends and family not supportive also. then support also support those so so ones only. haiz
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    Next time it will be Viet Nam's turn. Home field advantage. Lets hope our Filipino athletes can repeat.
  • Q
    Thank the Africans in Philippines basketball team.
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    sports na pala ang dota tapos mabagal pa ang internet connection sa pilipinas.
  • S
    Celebrating video gamers? Amazing govt and media combine to promote, entertain and occupy minds of the masses. I guess playing and watching these games are better than doing drugs...
PJa day ago
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john8 days ago
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