New York, New Jersey see largest population decrease in US

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15 hours ago
The mass exodus has begun. A new study from career site Zippia found that New York and New Jersey are losing more residents than any other states. New York is number one with the state losing over 300,000 residents from 2017 to 2018. New Yorkers left the big city in favor of states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Connecticut. New Jersey came in second place with the state losing 97,124 residents, fleeing for places like Florida, North Carolina and California.
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  • L
    Legion General
    Alaska and Wyoming aren't blue states and neither is Louisiana. Oh and West VA voted for Trump in 2016.
  • S
    Over Taxed, Over priced, roads crumbling no repairs over crowded roads traffic to get anywhere, Just aint worth it anymore, Will be leaving as soon as my last kid is out of school, Wish I could leave today but still have a good job.
  • K
    People have been leaving the north and northeast for the south since air conditioning became commercially viable.
  • V
    Problem with these people moving is they keep voting for the same kind of people and policies that caused them to leave in the first place.
  • M
    It's not politics, it's economics.Once I retired there was no way I could afford to stay there. What I pay in property tax now for a year would barely cover three weeks of property tax in N.J. They kept telling us it was for public education. For the amount of money I was paying I should have been butt deep in Einstiens.
  • t
    tom r
    Failed over taxed liberal sanctuary states..
  • M
    It's really no different from people leaving the Soviet bloc countries (back when they were under Communist rule) in search of a better life.
  • S
    See you all in Tennessee!
  • H
    Harry Baals
    The disease is spreading.
  • b
    But, but, but I thought the wealthy didn't pay their fair share. Wait till the other 98% has to pick up the tab that the wealthy was paying and then they'll be begging for the wealthy to return
Legion General14 hours ago
Alaska and Wyoming aren't blue states and neither is Louisia...more
Terry14 hours ago
is it really redceding? based on what? one day of lower ...more
Karel14 hours ago
Great interview Gali 💛💛 Love that you delivered actual num...more
Ryan15 hours ago
100 in a week or 3, leaps tell the story.
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