Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg describes the company’s response to the coronavirus crisis

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2 days ago
Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg tells Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer how the company has responded to the coronavirus crisis, weighing its responsibility to multiple stakeholders amid a shift in demand for its products and services.
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    video conference from home, a real crisis for this guy!
  • J
    Along with HuffPo they are doing EVERYTHING they can to spread FAKE NEWS and cause PANIC
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    Whatever he's doing we can't see it due to all the ads he is bombarding us all with.
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    Why doesn't Verizon have an American as CEO?
  • D
    Not interested in what the owner of the left wing Huffington Post says. He's part of the democrat hate machine as far as I'm concerned.
  • C
    So glad to be retired from these folks. The pay was great, the leadership was less than adequate, and the equality stunk...........
Scottie19 hours ago
Imagine there is no initiative, no reason to learn, no reaso...more
take the cannolisa day ago
Did they furlough their lobbyists? Bet not!
Williama day ago
What??? Twitter is a company which LOSES MONEY every year, a...more
henry2 days ago
Disney should raise car parking fee to a robbing fee of $50!...more
ABC Warrior2 days ago
Actually the dog will be more useful if he/she can detect if...more
Blue Falcon2 days ago
I wish Wall Street Banks would stop sending me e-mails about...more
Mark4 hours ago
When asked if it was a mistake to dismantle the NSC pandem...more
alana day ago
or. enclose there bill in a. fourtune. cookie! then send to ...more
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