Best Buy to probe allegations against CEO: WSJ

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a month ago
Best Buy's board is investigating allegations that Chief Executive Corie Barry had an inappropriate romantic relationship with a fellow executive, who has since left the electronics retailer reports the Wall Street Journal. The allegations were sent to the board in an anonymous letter dated Dec. 7.
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    Sean C
    Don't understand why it would be inappropriate if both were Executives and both were consenting, unless Best Buy says that you can't have a relationship with any other employee of Best Buy. It's not as if either was a subordinate to the other.
  • J
    Maybe someone is out to take her job as CEO and has taken a page from the "quid pro quo" impeachment playbook.
  • T
    A horse walks into a bar...
    Bartender says "Why the long face?"
  • G
    she no longer works there ? Then no big deal.
  • C
    Best Buy is just a showroom for Amazon. I didn't realize they were still open. Haven't shopped there in 20 years.
  • G
    Looks like 'Me Too' might be expanding its meaning.
    Or maybe it's a new movement 'Me Two'
  • f
    i don't want to see her fired....I hope she sues and make millions...shes hot
  • D
    I didn't know it was illegal to date! Women cannot date, what a wonderful message of #$%$ poor attitude and bigotry. I suggest people to stop buying at this store. This is the most disgusting attitude a board can have against a CEO. Judge a CEO on her work, not on her private life bunch of jealous bigot.
  • T
    how stupid, Best Buy was always a freak show, still is, so Gays and Transexuals, freaky dancing around with kids like they do must be ok at best buy, what was this one, they just had a monogamous relationship maybe, probably
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