Breaking the cannabis glass ceiling
Amy Margolis identified a problem in the burgeoning Oregon legal marijuana industry: Despite the industry’s newness and the encouraging early statistics about gender equity, a glass ceiling has developed in the cannabis business.
  • kyled
    Women don't take risks like men do. Its that simple. There will always be more men involved in any industry that isn't solely focused on women.
  • Jon
    Serious question for Amy: would people be better off is they chose not to smoke weed? If her answer is -Yes- what does that say about her motives here? If the answer is -No- what does that say about her integrity?
  • david
    The irony of the GOP to get and keep votes they have to sell out on these issues
  • Karl
    Yes. Very important issue. Maybe we can start a new curriculum in schools to address this concern - "Girls in Weed"?
  • Roy Tyrell
    In any industry that is new and involves risk taking - men are going to lead the way
  • Tiger Eighteen
    Our country is becoming a whole lot worse than I thought as time goes by?
  • Dick
    This is the absolute high of Political Correctness.
  • BlackRepublican
    Creating generations of sheep
  • MACE
    I dont smoke wackie tobackie but think it should be legal for those that do.
  • free
    There is already a huge black market. This is just another fad for folks to jump on. Now pot is the holy grail..Lmao.. Pot has been around for hundreds of years...these gals make it look lke this is something they invented.. What a joke.
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