Nike posts weaker-than-expected sales in North America
The stock sliding on lower than expected earnings. Yahoo Finance's Jackie DeAngelis and Dan Roberts discuss.
  • Daniel
    It's going to get worse for them. They chose the wrong side.
  • C. Ray
    I will not buy their product or their BS.
    What happened to the skyrocketing sales when Nike was pumping Kaepernick??? Fake news.... that's what...Losers...
  • Wes R
    I sold all of my nike #$%$ and haven't looked back. My kids beg for nike shoes and I tell them you buy them yourself. Screw nike!
  • nick
    What fool would purchase Nike Products, with Kapernickhead and Serena in the Mist as their spokes persons, too funny!
  • nick
    Nike lost the Republicans, late night lost the Republicans, if you hate our president move to Canada, Trump 2020 landslide! 6 more years of belly aching from the left wing antichrist jew controlled 666 media, they hink we're stupid!
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