PETA buys shares of Levi's to persuade them to use vegan leather
Yahoo Finance's Zack Guzman, Brian Sozzi, and Jeanie Ahn are joined by Jessica Schaefer, Bevel CEO, to discuss Levi's going public as well as PETA buying shares of Levi's.
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    Who wants to walk around with cow skin on their backside, anyway? I hope Levi's gets with the times and switches to vegan leather--which is three times less damaging to the environment as leather from animals is.
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    This doesn't make any sense. Cows are not slaughtered for jean patches. I am about 99.9% sure that they are getting the hides from cows that were slaughtered for food processing. So if they want to make a real stand stop the world from eating beef. THEN you can focus on Levi's for slaughtering cows for jean patches. And I am almost sure if no cows were being slaughtered... they would find an alternative solution for those patches. PETA is totally wasting time and effort on the wrong portion of the supply chain.
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    You ever wonder what they would do with all of those cow hides that come from the hundreds of thousands of head of cattle that we process for food if they didn't use it for the furniture and fashion industries??
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