New report finds 40% of retirees rely solely on social security

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a month ago
A new report from the National Institute on Retirement Security has found that 40 percent of retirees rely entirely on social security for income during retirement. Bone Fide Wealth President, Douglas Boneparth joins Yahoo Finance to discuss this report.
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    there are some of us who are less fortunate. if you lived in a state where rent or your mortgage is high, expenses are high, have kids and have to supply the school with supplies and you make minimum wage then you tell me how someone can save!
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    Many people deserve what they get. I see all sorts of people, many stupid, who live for the moment and never plan for the future. I gave up a lot in order to plan for the future and now I do not have to work and do not rely on social security. But I paid into social security and I earn what I get. I do not feel the least bit bad for those who have nothing but social security, it is all about choices and hard work.
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100 in a week or 3, leaps tell the story.
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