Are you retirement ready?
It's time for Retirement Ready, brought you by Fidelity Investments. We know how important it is to start saving as early as possible for retirement, but what are some ways to get the biggest bang for your buck? Joining us to discuss is Principal of Presley Wealth Management, Christy Smith.
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    Are you retirement ready ? If you use Yahoo financial advice , you never will be . Remember Yahoo went under in 2016 ,. Yahoo is the last company that should be giving financial advise .
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    The good news is If you are in your 20’s-30’s, currently in the workplace and are making regular contributions to a 401K and Roth IRA you are golden and will be fine come your 50’s and 60’s. However, if you are like many people in their 40’s and 50’s who have yet to save anything meaningful or contribute to any of the retirement vehicles out there you are probably toast and will never have a good retirement short of winning the lottery or winning a big settlement. Life is about choices and if you are one of the millions of Americans who preferred yearly vacations, new cars and all of the latest and greatest toys as opposed to saving…too bad so sad! I have no empathy for you.
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    Plunge? What plunge? 1.77% is no plunge.
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    I rarely watch these interviews and after this I expect I'll not watch any. One, the interviewer always seems to like to interject what today's market is doing, particularly if it is down. That's not surprising as this is Yahoo but why can't they just stay on topic. As far as the content of this interview is headlined to be being ready for retirement I guess just because using the word retirement sporadically during the interview qualifies the headline. In reality the discussion is about risk tolerance and building a portfolio that meets your level of tolerance to risk.
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    Most headline pitches lead and end with start saving now! what to do with your savings? Forget them! First set some goals. retire 67? want 1.5 Mil in the bank. If your health care is covered by the FED, then annual expenses must be provided from the nest egg. Passive investing yields 8 to 10% annual giving $150K annually. Big bucks. 3 vacations a year! Say you've got 800K, invest actively in stocks for an 18% return ( with your skill developed ) = $144K annually. Oh yeah, social security will kick in $30K as well, which will be taxed heavily because you make too much $. Look if you return a lower 8% annually you are still $70K + 30K. plan on have the home you want to live in paid off. If you want a vacation home in Mexico, make sure it is paid off as well. NO debt, make cash grow. Spend carefully, enjoy your life.
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    If you have retirement savings and the next guy doesn't, then you clearly STOLE his money and must now return that money to the Occupy Wall Street Corporation.
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    Nasdaq warning for retirement: Get out of Nasdaq now. This app just turned red and said CASH. It only gives that warning before a major crash or down-trend.
    Nasdaq forecast app just turned red and said CASH. This app only gives this warning before a severe crash or long down-trend. It tends to give a warning seve...
    Nasdaq forecast app just turned red and said CASH. This app only gives this warning before a severe crash or long down-trend. It tends to give a warning seve...
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    I miss real journalism. Those of you old enough to remember it know what of what I speak. Imagine articles which gave you facts and looked beneath the surface details to give you some background information. If there were comments from one side then there were also comments from the other perspective, not "those whose ideas we despise refused to comment" because anything they might have said would be edited, ridiculed, and taken out of context.
    Huffpost, CNN, and Yahoo have been the worst but I have actually seen Two articles on yahoo recently which were not completely one sided. Maybe they are trying to change. I certainly hope that they improve.
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