Snap beats third quarter earnings, number of daily active users jumps

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9 months ago
Snap beat on its third quarter earnings while reporting a higher number of daily active users than expected. Yahoo Finance's Jared Blikre breaks down Snap's third quarter earnings report for Myles Udland and Brian Cheung.
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    Extremely popular App amongst its millennial users base for sure. Just ask and you will see that this App is easily Top 3. Going to continue to keep growing and building its base, and then it is taken out by Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook or even MicroSoft. No way it stays independent forever. 200 million loyal/active users is a powerful base to have. Maybe not so pretty financially but for the targets that analysts have given SNAP, it has never missed one yet, so don't be surprised if you do not see SNAP soar tomorrow, as all of those sellers who stampeded the exits today, come rushing back in tomorrow at the opening bell. Just a wash-rinse-repeat for SNAP - happens every earnings release. BUY and HOLD til SNAP is acquired, which it eventually will be and it will be above $14/share.
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    snap is the ONLY innovative company. Can you honestly tell me that instagram is innovative? They copying everything little thing.
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