What to watch in the markets: Week of Jan 20

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a month ago
Yahoo Finance's Myles Udland previews upcoming World Economic Forum taking place in Davos-Klosters and predicts what investor sentiment will be from attendees.
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    you can always find and economist to back up whatever you want to prediction.
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    Guy Noir
    So much for growth stocks.
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    Seems like I heard the same old stuff last year around this time. I am gad I do not listen, I would rather pay attention to the markets to do the forecasting.
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    NBRV NVAX flu plays, could be 3 weeks or 3 months of problems and deaths.
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    why doesn't the American public get insider trading like all the people in the White House
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    Ursula is a disaster for EU, thank you for that! the sooner we get ried if it!
Legion General14 hours ago
Alaska and Wyoming aren't blue states and neither is Louisia...more
Terry14 hours ago
is it really redceding? based on what? one day of lower ...more
Karel13 hours ago
Great interview Gali 💛💛 Love that you delivered actual num...more
Ryan15 hours ago
100 in a week or 3, leaps tell the story.
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