Where the plant-based food market is headed this year

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a month ago
2019 brought the fake meat trade front and center. What's next in the food space? AccelFoods is an early-stage venture fund investing in consumer products, including, high-quality food and beverage companies. Jordan Gaspar, Managing Partner at AccelFoods, joined The Final Round to discuss.
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  • A
    I wonder why FAKE MEAT is used instead of something more accurate and less derogatory?

    Simulated meat? Plant-based meat? Veggie meat?
  • j
    livin in a soy boy paradise.
  • C
    Plant based. But will not tell you what plants. Most of the worlds poisons are plant based. As are allergies. Not to mention that it gives the finger to food ingredient labels.
  • J
    heavily altered and chemically treated "plant based" food is not a health choice to eat. Just wait 10 years from now when they start to say how much health problems this actually caused.
  • D
    Doctor  Miguelito Megalopolos
    From pork gristle paradise to this.
  • L
    I wonder how much these "customized" pens cost us, the American Taxpayer?
  • S
    to the chemical factories to buy more harmful chemicals to add to their product
  • A
    I wouldn't be investing in it, but that's me. All that is needed is one story about how all the chemicals used are causing cancer or that there's herbicide/ insecticide found in them and the market will collapse. Anyone can make a Pontiac Fiero handle a Ferrari. Throw enough money at it and redesign pretty much everything and it can be done. But with all the changes is it really still a Fiero? Is it really a plant when they use chemicals to remove the plant taste and make it taste like beef?
  • M
    amazing! the number of comments after article that have nothing to do with contents. no wonder so many people cannot walk and chew gum at same time.
  • Q
    Just picked up a package of Beyond Meat brats to look at the ingredients list on the label. Very interesting and rather enlightening. Think I'll stick with my grass fed beef and pastured pork.
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Terry13 hours ago
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Karel13 hours ago
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Ryan15 hours ago
100 in a week or 3, leaps tell the story.
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