These are the world's largest arms manufacturing companies
Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Raytheon are the world’s top 3 largest weapon manufacturers. These 3, along with other American arms companies, made $222.5 billion in combined sales last year. That’s greater than the total GDP of Venezuela in 2018.
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    That could be the understatement of the century, because the defense budget of almost all countries are classified and the sales and transaction particulars are as secretly guarded as anything could be; above all for arms manufacturing companies billions are peanuts; they are just not interested in such small amounts because even a single fighter jet cost more than $100 millions, leave alone maintenance and associated costs that could triple its value. Plus the perks involved in this business are astronomical because production cost versus profit margin here is the maximum for any business. The people who don't really care about the zeros in a billion or a trillion may not suspect anything, but this number given in this article is paltry sum to say the least.
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    It is because of these arm Manufacturers there is always a war somewhere in the world. These companies take the United States to a war. United States is the only country in the world that has been involved in one war or another since WW2. These companies are responsible for millions of deaths around the world.
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    warmerican gov is entertainment branch in mil industrial complex
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    Rubin Warner
    imagine how many people we could murder and how much suffering and destruction we can cause by $222 billions worth of weapon around the world and that's just one year.
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    Alex Chea
    uncle SAM is always using sanctions against potential competitors in the arm industries to win the market. by threatening smaller nations who to buy from and who not to buy from. if this scare tactics of sanctions is remove, the tide will change
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    And greater than 10 EU counties combined GDP, so Venezuela is better than 1/3 of EU lol.
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    S L
    Just think: those companies could eliminate the entire US debt in 5 yrs with "profits" of that size.
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    They only exist on taxpayers sweat and blood
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    War profiteers make up wars, or make up threats of wars to sell more armaments, weapons, missiles, tanks, etc.
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    So if I have 50 guns at home and only used them for protection should I mortgage my children's future to buy more guns !?
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