KKBOX 速爆星热话 Music Supper feat. Marcus C (17/8-23/8)
Host: Vee Guest: Marcus C In this week’s KKBOX Top Mandarin Weekly New Singles, other than familiar faces, several new songs have successfully squeezed into our Top 10 chart. Later in the show, join Taiwanese singer and actor, Marcus C as he took on the speed quiz challenge. Be sure to keep yourself up to date with the latest music trend every week on Yahoo TV. Follow KKBOX Music Chart ► https://kkbox.fm/G3Mc5t Download KKBOX for Unlimited Music ► https://kkbox.fm/S2TNFq Listen & Read More ► https://kkbox.fm/E2kN37 Check Out the English Review ► https://kkbox.fm/E2kN37
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