Rebuilding Paradise: A year after the Camp Fire, one couple finds healing in starting over

Yahoo News Video
3 months ago
The Clement family is rebuilding a replica home one year after the Camp Fire that destroyed the town of Paradise, Calif. This augmented reality piece by Yahoo News shows the 3D relationship between the skeleton of a home being rebuilt after the fire and key memories of life in the home before the fire. The story is told through photos and audio by the Clement family. Users can launch themselves into the Clements’ living room using their smartphone camera, and will be able to “walk” around the room, finding photos of the house from the past, and listen to the Clements explain their memories as well as their dreams for the future.
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    i would advise these people that got burnt out,,to take the ins. money and run don´t walk out of california
  • R
    What part of "wood burns" don't they understand?
  • M
    they will never learn.
    Another so-called house made of 2x4? Just a disguised shack
  • G
    Why are they rebuilding out of wood!!!! Build out of concrete (ICF). It won't burn!
  • M
    If you rebuild in the same spot, you deserve the next fire that burns your house down.
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