Dog rescued after spending four days with deadly viper inside 100-feet-deep well in India

2 months ago
A stray dog was rescued after spending four days trapped down a 100-feet-deep well with a deadly snake in western India. The dog went missing on April 29 and was rescued on May 3 after locals noticed the dog and the bottom of the well in Ahmednagar. The villagers also spotted a Russell's viper lying at the bottom of the pit. Akash Jadhav and his team arrived at the site and one of the team was lowered into the well to rescue the two animals. Jadhav said: “The snake kept swimming away from him and he had to make a desperate move to grab it. It was quite risky.” The rescuer first pursued and caught the snake which tried hard to dodge him. After sending it up in a snake bag he turned his attention to the dog. Seeing that the dog was extremely stressed after spending a terrifying time with the snake he comforted it first and then sent it up in a butterfly net. The viper was later released into a nearby forest.
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