Policeman heroically dives into river to save drowning woman in China

2 months ago
A policeman was spotted jumping into a river and save the life of a woman in Shanghai, China. A policeman was patrolling along the Bund when he received the report that a women fell into the Huangpu River. He then saw a woman floating in the tide about 8 or 9 metres away from the shore. Without hesitating, he jumped into the water and swam towards the woman. Passersby threw a buoy into the river allowing the policeman to hold on and swim back to the embankment. Another two officers lowered down a rescue rope and the policeman tried his best to lift the woman so that she was successfully rescued. Fortunately, a rescue boat arrived and rescued the policeman from the river as well. The whole process was less than two minutes. The heroic policeman was reported to have been born in Shanghai in 1998. He told a reporter: "This is all I should do!" The video was filmed on May 2 and provided by local media.
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