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3 months ago
The redeveloped Sembawang Hot Spring Park recently reopened to the public, and features cascading pools and a water collection point. You can even see some visitors cooking their eggs at this park in Singapore! The water emerges at 70 degrees C, before cooling to 40 degrees C at the final pool.
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    There were some comments made by a lady in regards to some behaviours of those visitors and users of the hot spring. She goes on to criticize the couple who had their maid to wash their feet for them. Perhaps there should be a sign board and a ranger on duty during opening hours to ensure proper behavior of visitors. Being a public recreational place it can really display a lot of so call uncultured characters of people -sic. For example the maid may have done the washing of the couples feet voluntarily and not because being ordered, she may have felt grateful for the treatment her employer had shown her. Moreover, since approaching the Lunar new year, this can perhaps help her get a bigger Ang Pow. Lets us not criticize others, if we felt that the place is unhygienic then we should not do thinks that can affect our health, like trying to boil eggs in the hot water then blame others practices that you have to throw away the eggs. At 40 degrees temperature, I wonder how long it will take before it gets fully cooked. LOL.
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    There is another hot spring in Pulau Tekong. A friend showed it to us when we went hiking there in the 1970s. But it was in a swampy area overgrown with long grass. You can't see the water gushing out, just some muddy water. But the water was really steaming hot, so it's real. Not sure if it has been covered up by development work.
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    this country need cold/not "hot' spring"
    imagine it when there is a real hot weather
    ohh gosh
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    Such a waste not to turn it into some hotspring resort
Alfie2 days ago
Are they joking, how can people walk around with UV-C expose...more
Bonda month ago
Always buy the original, never buy a cheap copy! The origina...more
Esdee2 months ago
Who is stupid enough to want to see what is in your own ears...more
BoChengHu3 months ago
Couldn't he just go to the toilet?
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