‘Many people recognise’ esports is a sport, says five-time Olympian Charmaine Crooks

Yahoo TV Singapore
2 months ago
Yahoo TV spoke to Canadian Olympian Charmaine Crooks about how traditional sports and esports compare. She is the vice-president of the Global Esports Federation, which aims to improve the standing of esports worldwide.
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    Do the esport participants break a sweat?
  • A
    So will pornathon be considered in the olympics?
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    There are even more people think esport is NOT a sport. It is an insult to all athletes..
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    That's like saying taking photos with your camera is also count as painting. Brainless
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    It is a sport like chess. They have overgrown thumbs haha... back ache, obesity, poor eyesight, and heart attack from sitting too long...hehe
Esdee11 days ago
Who is stupid enough to want to see what is in your own ears...more
长恨哥17 days ago
Now you know why everybody hate (Or scare of) Chinese and Tr...more