How to deal with a Causeway jam
The Smiling Afro shows how to best handle the struggles with long traffic jams along the Causeway, inspired by real-life events.
  • E
    Just don’t drive to JB as simple as that.....
  • S
    OPEN BORDERS. Good for the environment, for health and the wallet. Guaranteed!
  • B
    Can prepare for 50 years but cannot deal with an immediate jam ?I figure this jam is deliberately kept without solving .
  • W
    I know i know....sing the KC and Sunshine band song over and over again....Please Don't Go!
  • V
    People like this guy?
  • g
    What so nice to go Malaysia? Save your money and go elsewhere to fun.
  • Z
    Th background i s wrong, not causeway but HDB block.
  • L
    Pack a lot of snacks to kill your time.
    Bring newspapers and magazine.
    Bring axe oil in case you are sleepy
    Or nausea if the driver loves to jerk the car.
    Or else gossip with each other about someone lor!
    Saturday and Sunday must leave before 8 am and come back by 4 pm if not you will be stuck for few hours. Try to avoid peak hours or public holiday but if you have no choice just enjoy each other company. Don’t drink too much since they don’t have so many cubicles both side and mostly out of order. Keep in mind stop eating/chewing your food when you arrvive at Johor immigrations since they will scold you and lower your radio volume, stop talking since placard stated so read properly.
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