Bo Cheng Hu - Singlish with Uncle Gwee

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17 days ago
In this special episode of Singlish with Uncle Gwee, the lovable Dr Gwee Li Sui introduces us to the Singlish term “bo cheng hu”, which literally means “no government”, as well as several other unique terms that Singaporeans regularly use. Video produced by: Bryan Huang, Jeremy Ho and team
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    What is so loveable about Uncle Gwee?
  • E
    Bo Cheng Hu is what it is right now. The lights are out and nobody's home.
  • d
    don’t embarrass us further ppl already think Sg is china. you ask Russian who is neighbour to china, believe Sg in china
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    Bo liao
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    Between 1st July to 10th July is truly Bo Cheng Hu
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    Mr Gwee, you think is funny??Only to embarrass yourself n we Singaporeans. U have nothing better to do. What a Disgrace!!
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    What a stupid share is this? Pls don't post or share, anymore. Sin here already so disgraced by our singlish languages, you think is still fun to share this all the time. My God. Is so stupid!!!
John17 days ago
What is so loveable about Uncle Gwee?
Boying17 days ago
its like comparing wwe to ufc
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