Singlish with Uncle Gwee: Can
Singlish too hard for you? Can one! In the first of a four-part series, Uncle Gwee teaches you how to use the word “can” in Singlish. Watch other episodes: Can What Then
  • P
    Can meh ? Can lah. Can hah ? Can leh. Can hor ? Can what. Can mah. Can or not ? Can !
  • a
    Of course the very famous number 1 is can or not? Others are Or can discount, can free, can cheaper, can more chilli, can try first, can give extra, can we not love us lor...sometimes ask discount till u say vetter give u free do charity better...
  • A
    Xi buay Ho!
  • T
    Excellent Gwee...can?!!!
  • a
    We add expressive sound to show the world...we can also be cute cute lor! Can not meh? Like jaoanese gas the ne..,at end of phrase.
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