Disney Reinstates James Gunn as Director of 'Guardians of the Galaxy 3' | THR News
The filmmaker had been fired in July 2018.
  • Jim
    He has been reinstated because money overcomes moral standings every time. For Disney, taking the huge financial hit from this movie failing under another director would be more painful than a bunch of snowflakes protesting his being hired again.
  • RichardDHead
    Fire him let the public forget what he did ( they already had before he was fired ) and then hire him back a year later . Dizney should never have fired him in the first place , I am glad he is back !
  • RS
    Oh, good! I'm soooo happy libs aren't hypocrites! So Rosanne will be back on the air any day now!!
  • Brian
    Gunn and Singer are just convicted pedophiles. They aren't as bad as Alex Jones who said a bad word.
  • Patrick
    who cares
  • Bingo
    He is just a pedophile. That is not s important as the money he can bring in. Right, Hollywood???
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