'Game of Thrones' Made Its Cast Tons of Money. Here's How Rich They Are Heading Into the Final Episodes
As you prepare for the final six episodes of the blockbuster series, take a look at how all of the major actors in Game of Thrones stack up when ranked by net worth.
  • Jon
    So the More popular shows make more money then the less popular ones?!?! Slow down I’m taking notes...
  • James
    Showing off their balloons made people a lot of money.
  • Come At Me Bro
    The midget makes the most. He will be the last one standing. Watch.
  • DonS
    Don't get too overworked about the reported pay. Their agents and managers will take 50% right off the top for themselves.
  • Anonymous
    Never saw it have no desire to
  • those people
    Wait a minute! Why didn't they all get paid the exact same amount of money? The all did the same work. Where are the feminists screaming for equal pay? Oh, they're at home thumbing one out to Jon Snow.
  • terry
    When the 2nd Year started they All got new Contracts the Main Actors were all Paid the SAME. So there was no Bickering they All were Given the Same amount of Lines and Time behind the Camera. As the Girls Grew up and were given more time there Salaries went up and the Same Deal.
  • Dianne
    Meanwhile these same people are blabbing all over twitter about the evils of corporate greed.
  • Xboss
    Who cares. A vapid money world.
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