Stranger Things: Authentic or Inappropriate?

a year ago
Some critics found the latest season of Stranger Things too authentically 80's for today's progressive culture.
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  • R
    Right is Good
    What's wrong now? Are we altering history now for their approval? I'd better download the facts before the lies are sydicated.
  • J
    Some critics, meaning the absolute smallest percentage of Americans.
  • L
    Get over it. You snowflakes wouldn't have lasted five seconds in the 80's. I was there.
  • T
    Yeah, that's what I've been missing in my life... a bunch of twenty-somethings sitting on a coach telling me what to think or watch. Hard pass.
  • A
    I can believe the "monster thing" going around..I buy 11 super powers...
    but Russian building a super structure under an American mall miles deep? the amount of energy they will need, plus all the logistics ....
    sorry not in tune.
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