Impossible Foods gains new accolade as Beyond Meat rivalry heats up

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2 months ago
According to research from iRi, alternative-meat sales surged 40% in November, as more products vie for customers' attention in the grocery aisle. Inc. Magazine Acting Editor-in-Chief Jon Fine joins Yahoo Finance’s Kristin Myers, Emily McCormick and BigEyedWish Founder Ian Wishingrad on YFi PM, to discuss why Inc. magazine named Impossible Foods its company of the year.
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    listen to his first response to their question. It's funny. Great question
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    Both impossible burgers and beyond meat taste like poor substitutes for meat. Give me the old fashion beef burger.
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    Slim Chin
    yes it does happen with beyond meat. They dont line up around the block? its sold out at walmart non stop. They lined up around the block at dunkin i didn't even get to try the sausage patty cause they were sold out the first few days they had it. I don't see the lakers sponsoring impossible burger. Its not as healthy as beyond meat. And the taste is worse. I couldn't even eat it. This guy is talking nonsense.
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