From pumpkin spice to juice cleanses, here are the worst food trends of the decade

2 months ago
The 2010s brought us food trends that likely never should have come to be. Restaurants smothered bar snacks in synthetic truffle oil pumpkin spice, and birthday cake flavoring, while smashed avocado became the food of a generation. Insider took a look into the worst food trends of the decade.
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    Christine L
    Avocado toast, pumpkin spice everything, juice cleanses, gold foods, fast food secret menus, truffle flavor (not truffles), carb alternatives esp. spiralized everything, "birthday cake" flavor foods (like birthday cake latte, not actual cake).
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    Pumpkin spice is a delicious flavour and if it’s not a favourite by everyone then that’s ok. I hardly think most people drink or eat pumpkin spice things because it’s a trend and more because when that time of year rolls around it’s enjoyable.
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    The only two I can defend are avocado toast (it's yummy sorry) and veggie "noodles." Both are good for you, and depending on how you prepare them, are actually filling and tasty :)
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    I like wonder if the Millennial generation can like actually spit out a sentence that like does not include like 25 likes???
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    They are only bad trends if you happen to dislike the food/trend. Your opinion is no more important than anyone else's. I do agree with some of them...but not all. Some of these things I still like. :)
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    Am I the only one who didn't have 11 1/2 minutes to waste watching this?
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    The only food trend that I will be happy to see left behind in the last decade is substituting vegetables for things like pizza crust or pasta. No, I don't want a pizza crust that has ground up cauliflower in it. No, I don't want you to make macaroni cheese with noodles made out of red lentils. Gluten intolerance is a thing, I get it, but just avoid the food instead of trying to make a less tasty version of it.
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    Funny, how now these are the worst "food trends" when at the time they heaped praises on every single one of them. This is what happens when the PC police decide they know more than everyone simple because they are "enlightened progressives".
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    The decades not over yet, we still have another 12 months of food trends!
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