Ariana Grande Helps Fans Prepare For 2020 Election During Sweetener Tour | Billboard News
Ariana Grande kicked off her Sweetener tour on Monday night (Mar. 18) in Albany, New York, and she's using the gig to prepare her fans for the 2020 presidential election.
  • Anonymous
    As a dude, I will be avoiding that concert at all costs.
  • No Thanks
    She thinks her fans need her to help them prepare for elections?
  • Mithter T-Reckth
    Why would anyone want any type of voting advice from Ariana Grande? Why would anyone want to think of an election while at her concert? Why does anyone care what she has to say if it's not in song form. Entertainers are not role models and you should not give one ounce of weight to anything they have to say politically. They do not live in the real world with the rest of us. She literally lives inside a bubble protected from the harsh realities most of us face daily.
  • David
    Why is she worried about the elections? Wasn't she the one that said she hated America?
  • Todd
    When you need to be told by an entertainer how to vote you've already lost.
  • taa
    Yeah, because I'm going to form my opinion based on what this brat has to say.
  • Scott
    How do you know voted for right president no talent liberals hate him.
  • unknown
    So this bimbo is a Us President influencer, really?
  • eric
  • Liz
    Sold out - so now they are puppets for the agenda - SAD
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