Cash-Strapped R. Kelly Asks Judge For Travel Approval to Perform in Dubai | Billboard News
Cash-strapped R. Kelly asked a judge Wednesday to let him travel to the Middle East to perform several concerts, according to a new court filing that said he has struggled to get work in the U.S. since his February arrest on sex abuse charges.
  • Mary
    cant imagine anyone paying to see this guy
    Why shouldn't he be able to make a living.
  • topchefette
    Once he's over there, he won't come back. It would be his own paradise, all the little girls he could possibly want and no prosecution worries. Hope the judge isn't that gullible.
  • Dale
    Let him go, and then once he leaves the states revolk his pass port
  • David
    I want to disappear. I mean earn money overseas. Aaah nooo !
  • newcell
    I GUESS it makes sense, those Arab men don't mind a child predator since many of them are child predators with pre-teen 'wives'
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