Woman Stops Bear's Attempt to Eat From Bird Feeder
A brazen bear’s attempt to eat from a bird feeder was thwarted by a courageous woman in Bethel, Maine, on July 17.Zach Louison recorded the video. He told Storyful the woman is his mother-in-law, and she was at her father’s house at the time.Louison added, “The young bears are hungry this time of year and people’s bird feeders are an easy target! We were heading to dinner and caught him in the act.”Birdseed is popular with scavenging black bears; Maine wildlife officials advise residents to remove their bird feeders from April to October. Credit: Zach Louison via Storyful
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    Omnibus Aequalis Est
    Really? Couldn't she just have enjoyed the spectacle of the bear! It's not as if bird food is expensive.
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    Not sure where caring for wild animals stops, Hungry birds, hungry bear, why discriminate? Obviously you don't want bears too near the house, but why fight for bird food?
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    Not a smart idea.
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    maybe if we left them some space they would not need human offerings.
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    It was a small youngster so probably not much of s threat, though living in the uk I cannot pretend to be an expert. If I saw a full grown grizzly I’d be ringing the police ( well maybe not in Lancashire, I’d be sectioned) but a youngster I think I’d be tempted to go out and feed it. I do know that young wild animals and birds exposed to humans that feed them very soon develop trust, though I don’t think I’d take my chances with a young wolf or big cat, too carnivorous. Wildlife is adapting and it’s maybe a good thing, folk blest that we are in the foxes territory in towns, well where do such folk believe mans territory actually is, afterall we’ve been around hundreds of thousands of years. Whilst there’s been some attacks by urban foxes many are adapting to trust man, especially the ones that get fed not shot at, after all didn’t the domestic dog start as a wolf?
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    incredible, she walks out so calmly to shoo it off you naughty bear, I would of needed a tank.
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    Not smart, could have ended badly.
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    Black bears are beautiful creatures and extremely unlikely to attack humans.. As demonstrated, easy to scare off
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    nice work! these animals need to be reminded they're not the top of the food chain.
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