Adorable Baby Rhino Makes His Debut at Buffalo Zoo

9 months ago

The Buffalo Zoo introduced its newest addition to the public on July 12 – an adorable baby rhino, called Mohan.

Footage by the zoo shows baby Mohan running around his enclosure with his mom, Tashi.

“We’d like to introduce Mohan the Magnificent to the Western New York community,” the zoo wrote alongside the video, which had racked up over 300,000 views at the time of writing. Credit: The Buffalo Zoo via Storyful

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  • S
    I remember being young. I had so much energy that I could wear out my parents in just a couple of hours. Now I am an old man and content to watch youngsters wear out their parents.
  • s
    Love how that baby Rhino trots around proudly as if he owns the place and has been there for ages! He’ll be a great asset to the zoo.
  • M
    Looks like an armor plated bunny rabbit.
  • t
    the GREGG-STER
    Cute little baby. I was told the Zoo named her Oprah. What an honor.
  • S
    Shelby R
    cute little fella seems to be really enjoying himself! hope he has a long and happy life
  • K
    I love prehistoric creatures
  • j
    Indian rhino
  • j
    the article didn't mention what type of rhino it is
  • M
    Miss Barbara
    the maternal instinct is amazing across no matter the species. There goes junior... happily bouncing and running and there goes mom... hoping he will hurry up and get worn out so she can get some rest! Love it!
  • S
    What is a rhino doing in a buffalo zoo?
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