Cat Does Her Level Best to Kill Virtual Mouse
It’s a game of cat-and-mouse, but the mouse here is frustratingly out of this cat’s reach. Katia Husemeier captured this video of her cat energetically trying to catch a virtual mouse on her touch-screen tablet.Leesburg, Virginia, resident Husemeier posted the video to Twitter on May 11, saying, “enjoy this video of my cat trying to kill a virtual mouse.”Twitter users replied to the post, with many commenting on how cute Husemeier’s cat looked in the video. Less of a fearsome predator, then, and more of a cute kitty. Credit: Katia Husemeier via Storyful
  • J
    It’s soooo cute
  • S
    Sand & Stone
    Tooo cute
  • D
    cute... beautiful cat.
  • S
    Shelby R
    beautiful cat! cats are like little furry comedians cant help but smile when enjoying their antics
  • j
    Very cute. But I foresee problems for that tablet in the future.
  • J
    Confuse-a-cat 2019.
  • J
    Lol 😂
  • P
    Wouldn’t the tablet get all scratched up?
  • W
    Better than a story about the Kardashians.
  • B
    British Telecom
    I love my house...its big
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