Dog can't contain excitement after seeing owner for first time in months
Jason had been away for 2 months on work and expected that his dog Sarah would be excited to see him upon arrival, but he definitely didn't expect this type of reaction!
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    Ken M
    That is why people who have dogs live longer. Unconditional love , I have been fortunate in life to have dogs that lived long and gave me unconditional love. Cappy 18 years , Benji- 12 years , Maggie -15 year and now Chloe who gets me like that if I leave her for a day.
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    My dogs do similar stuff when I'm home from work.
  • R
    My dog does that every time anyone of leaves for 10 minutes let alone months
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    C M
    PURE, PURE LOVE!!!!!!!! beautiful!
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    puppy love
  • J
    I love dogs.
  • J
    Johnny  B.
    that is so awesome ,,,they are both so lucky ......XXOO
  • C
    Who's cutting onions?! Awwwwww. :) So lovely! :'-)
  • J
    Dogs rule!
  • F
    My dogs were like that every day, if I'd been to work or just out 20 minutes, then I'd take them out for a walk, get back, when I sat down, they'd jump on the sofa with me & go to sleep
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