Great Danes have play date with horses, donkey & German Shepherd
Mikey and Ellie the Great Danes love making new friends. Watch and laugh as they hang out with their Great Dane and German Shepherd friends and meet horses and donkeys for the first time!
  • jrt
    Awesome, so nice to see happy story about animals.
  • Kathrine
    I saw dogs playing together. And I saw and heard the dogs barking at the horses and burros, but not for a minute did I see the dogs playing with the horses or burros. I guess I don't understand what a play date really is.
  • Abby
    Beautiful dogs, horses and cute donkey.
  • Melinda
    Beautiful animals, very healthy, happy to see responsible pet owners!
  • Deep state founder
    What is this? The dogs came up and barked at the horses. There was no playing together.
  • Brenda
    My horses never played with my dogs. The dogs chased the horses and the horses tried to kick the dogs, but they never ever "played" together.
  • robin g
    Didn’t see them playing
  • Louis
    Why was the horse blindfolded?
  • Jokers
    which ones are the horse and which are the great danes?

    hard to tell apart
  • Nutmegger
    Please explain why I had to listen to a car ad in Spanish from Honda?
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