Mother Bear Charges at Man After He Gets Too Close to Cubs in Tennessee

9 months ago

A mother bear bluff charged at a man after he moved close to her and her cubs near Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee on July 13, video shows.

Paige Marple captured the incident on camera. The footage shows the man approaching the bears as they move towards a road, causing the mother bear to bluff charge at him.

It is illegal to come within 50 yards of the bears at the park and officials say it’s key to everyone’s safety that the animals are left alone.

“I just knew he was going to end up in a body bag,” Marple said, “how he didn’t is beyond me.” Credit: Paige Marple via Storyful

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  • H
    I must be missing something. From as far back as I can remember, all I ever heard was "do not get near a mama bear with her cubs".
  • v
    He should have been charged. His actions--moving towards a mother and her cubs, taking his eyes OFF the mama bear repeatedly and once danger pasts, not getting inside his vehicle. He wanted an incident. Not smart. He was lucky today.
  • S
    i really love how she looks over her shoulder to be sure the cubs were ok and moving past....
  • k
    That was no bluff charge. If he hadn't backed off she would have had him. Just goes to show some peoples grandparents shouldn't have been allowed to breed.
  • R
    Robert B
    STORY UPDATE: 20 minutes after this video was shot, the man was found unresponsive after trying to hand-feed speeding cars on I-40 he rest in peace.
  • F
    Fear and Loathing
    School children know about a mother bear and her cubs.
  • E
    E-5 Army Veteran
    Thumbs up for the bear! Mom protecting her cubs!
  • S
    Man got lucky, missed his Darwin Award.
  • J
    I'm thinking the elevator did not go to the top floor..
  • J
    Jen Knee
    We were at this very spot last August and saw several bear families. We watched from afar and awed at them, but never would I have thought to infringe in their territory. People are so rude and intrusive to the wild; let them be, as you would want the same respect for your little ones.
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