'Sustainable' meals of the future? - Go With The Flo

Yahoo TV SEA
7 hours ago
Flora and the Yummy! crew try incorporating alternative food in to a small dinner party. Will they be able to stomach it? DISCLAIMER: All insects (including crickets in any form) have yet to be allowed for sale as food in Singapore. Please refer to the Singapore Food Agency website for more details on the consumption of novel foods in Singapore. Flora Yeo is a host for the series, ‘Go With The Flo’, watch all episodes here: sg.tv.yahoo.com/go-with-the-flo For more Yummy! content: yhoo.it/yummy For all the news you need: sg.yahoo.com Follow us on our socials: tiktok.com/@yahoosea instagram.com/yahoosg facebook.com/yahoolifestylesg
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