Here's Everything We Know About the Royals' New Kitchen So Far
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will have not one, but two, kitchens.
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    In other words, Yahoo is running out of things to report about this couple and is about to go through every room in the house until we know what color porcelain Harry likes to drop his deuces in.
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    Yahoo is really trying to get us to like Farkle! Now we are hearing about her kitchen! So how many bathrooms? How many blades of grass in the front yard? Please Yahoo, give us a break!
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    The media trying hard to make Harry and Meghan look just like "one of us" by displaying how many millions they spend in their new home and always how much every piece of wardrobe costs...VERY RELATABLE INDEED!
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    Two kitchens are better than one I guess, but then there is more clean up too. It's their home so they can do whatever they want to do.
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    Why is this news?
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    One who has been there
    I do wish the media would get their act together and quit showing the picture of the wrong house. The house pictured is NOT the one they are moving into. A simple, easy to correct fact. They will not be living in anything nearly that grand.
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    Big D.
    The Royal Welfare family wants people to see their new kitchen? Give me a break.
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    ....... and they care so much about climate change!!!????
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    Must be nice, to have your pick of mansion to live in!
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    Except some sweet honey blonde is definitely on Harry's menu and that can't be found in any of the vulture's kitchens.
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