Technology like this will take humans to Mars
Therapeutic hibernation may be the technology needed to get humans to Mars. SpaceWorks Enterprises President & COO John Bradford, Ph.D. shares his insights on how that could happen.
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    Exciting stuff... I hope people are able to do this. When humans cooperate and stay positive, we can accomplish the impossible. Let the haters hate.
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    Cadet Bone Spurs has a nuclear football and the best bunker in the world. Do you really feel safe here? Our last best hope is to explain to trump that twitter won't work in the bunker.
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    The technology is of course fascinating, and we may indeed need it if with the passage of time we make this planet uninhabitable. But what is highly questionable is the whole concept of sending people to Mars. The cost is massive and will swallow up a surplus that we ought to be spending on improving the human condition at home. What if they do succeed in landing people on Mars ? Any research they do will have to be done using machines that can perfectly well be managed from here. Putting people on Mars will tell us nothing new about Mars that we cannot discover using existing technology. And if it is the behavior and resilience of man in space that we are after, that can be explored right here in this corner of the solar system, orbiting people round our planet and shuttling them to the moon and back. No-one needs to go to Mars for that. The whole manned Martian venture is misconceived and should be discontinued.
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    Ladies/Gentlemen: I think we are missing the point. It's not a question if we can do it, it's the fact we must for the preservation of the Human Race. We must look to the stars & start colonizing Mars & beyond if the Human Race is to continue.Everyone knows, even the deniers, we have done a terrible job in preserving Earth. "We're made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself" Carl Sagan.
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    Adverse Yaw
    No it won't. And how do you protect them from the radiation from the sun?!
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    5G for what? Most US cell companies still can't support 4G speed and data load.
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    Just why would anyone want to go to a radioactive planet?
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    Craig Burlingame
    screw that, even if i woke up thinking it was the next day, I would probably go insane
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