Singlish with Uncle Gwee: Can

Yahoo TV SEA
7 months ago
Singlish too hard for you? Can one! In the first of a four-part series, Uncle Gwee teaches you how to use the word “can” in Singlish. Watch other episodes: Can What Then
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    Can meh ? Can lah. Can hah ? Can leh. Can hor ? Can what. Can mah. Can or not ? Can !
  • a
    Of course the very famous number 1 is can or not? Others are Or can discount, can free, can cheaper, can more chilli, can try first, can give extra, can we not love us lor...sometimes ask discount till u say vetter give u free do charity better...
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    LiverPoo Scouser 🐀
    Xi buay Ho!
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    Excellent Gwee...can?!!!
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    We add expressive sound to show the world...we can also be cute cute lor! Can not meh? Like jaoanese gas the ne..,at end of phrase.
Frank6 months ago
Please stop this degradation of English. English language de...more
Robert6 months ago
rather yahoo spends time on improving English than promoting...more
kwonga year ago
Thank you for sharing :>
LiverPoo Scouser 🐀a year ago
Ah Gwee, you are “Then” good!
kalooa year ago
I like this episode Whaaat.
PapSmeartopreventcancera year ago
Can meh ? Can lah. Can hah ? Can leh. Can hor ? Can what. Ca...more
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