Wake Up Your Idea - Singlish with Uncle Gwee

Yahoo TV Singapore
5 days ago
Nowadays, people like to use the term “woke”, but before that, there was “wake up your idea”, another Singlish term that originates from the army. Let Dr Gwee Li Sui tell you more.
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    ah mah keng
    There’s also singlish bad words...knnbccb
    Kaninabeichowcheebye,,long n sweet
ah mah keng4 days ago
There’s also singlish bad words...knnbccb Kaninabeichowcheeb...more
Basha month ago
Singlish is not Singaporean lingo ....merely thoughts in Hok...more
Frank7 months ago
Please stop this degradation of English. English language de...more
Robert8 months ago
rather yahoo spends time on improving English than promoting...more
kwonga year ago
Thank you for sharing :>
😂 30 Waiting 😂a year ago
Ah Gwee, you are “Then” good!
kalooa year ago
I like this episode Whaaat.
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