Flood Drainage Efforts Underway as More Rain Predicted in Zhengzhou

2 months ago

Reinforcement teams carried out flood drainage work in Zhengzhou, China, on Friday, July 23, after severe flooding killed at least 51 people in the city.

Nearly 400,000 residents have been evacuated due to the widespread flooding, according to news reports.

This footage released by the Ministry of Emergency Management shows Jiangxi firefighters draining water at an underground parking lot where floodwaters reached five meters (about 16.4 feet) on Friday afternoon, according to the ministry.

On Friday, weather warnings were issued across parts of Zhengzhou including most of Dengfeng and western Xinmi, where there was a high possibility of “geological disasters,” according to Zhengzhou Meteorological Service Center. Credit: Ministry of Emergency Management via Storyful

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