Americans refuse to eat these risky meals on a first date

a month ago
Half of foodie-loving Americans believe a first date should always involve a meal — but won't risk eating messy foods until the fourth date. A study of 3,000 US adults found 40% look for someone who is passionate about cuisine as a potential partner, while 38% admitted they're put off by fussy eaters. More than four in 10 (43%) even said being a good cook is a turn-on when it comes to finding a suitor. The research also revealed the most popular ways of involving cuisine on a date — dining out (43%), having takeout (31%) and going to food festivals (31%). Meals deemed to be date-safe by Americans include pizza (24%), burgers (21%) and salad (21%). Commissioned by French bakery experts St Pierre and conducted by OnePoll, the study found it typically takes four dates before those polled are comfortable enough to eat a risky meal in front of a prospective partner. It seems the biggest foodies are based in ?the Southeastern states, with 56% feeling passionate about a first date always including food, while 55% of residents there said knowing someone is a good cook is a turn-on — more than any other region. It also emerged 83% have gone on a breakfast or brunch date at one time or another — with a quarter revealing this to be their preferred time to dine out on a date.
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